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Appearance of SolarAir Collector

SolarAir collector can be installed both vertically on balaustrades or walls than on rooftops.

In both those situations the goals should be to find out wich of those solutions better permorms with the global look of the house.

It also is important to appoint that since the panel's main purpose is heating, it is better to put it as vertically as possible in order to better catch wintertime sun angle.


Wall installation


solarair0 solarair1 solarair2 solarair3 solarair4 solarair5 solarair6 solarair7

 One of the main feautures of SolarAir panel is the easy installation.

The easiest kind of installation at all is the wall Installation, you only have to cut as whole on the wall and secure the collector.

In order to achieve the best looking results our panels can be ordered with custom made meausures, so they can fit perfectly with your house.ulla facciata

Roof tiles integration


pannello solare aria calda
solarair html 7

Double innovation

If you don't mind to install the panel vertically, you might also choose to integrate in the roof shape.
The working principle is the same as the vertical version, but the collector is designed in order to achieve perfect integration with your roof.
As like as the vertical counterpart, This Solar Air panel does not need any plumbing or wiring, as it is self alimented by a small PV inside it.



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