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Technical Feautures


pannello solare aria calda 6m


 solarair html 5Speaking about home heating we are actually speaking about warming the air inside the house.


In order to achieve this result, the usual solar Collector uses a quite expensive way wich generates lot of dispersions:

the sun heats the collector, which heats the anti-freeze liquid inside, whicht transferred in the heat exchanger heats the water that goes to radiators wich finally exchange heat with the air 

SolarAir Simply heats air directly


This way we achieve a much better result than usal solar panels as we do not have to deal with the big amount of heat exchangings each of which determines a heat loss.

The way it works is that it heats directly the home air and use the entire mass amount of the house as heat accumulation. of course it would not be enought to heat entirely a home the whole winter, as sometimes there is no sun at all, but can grant a good integration, especially on mid seasons.


Bill's Savings

Let's see how much solarair would affect your bills,

The graph below shows the difference betwen the consumes before installation (Total Area) and after installation(red area).

the difference between the two (blue area) is the amount of energy, and money of course saved.



 Those data are collected from a D-class mid-90's house in the Northern of Italy normally kept at 20°C
The confrontation between the average of heating consumes before(total Area) and after (Blue Area) solar air collectors.
As you can see, the main savings are collected in mid seasons, nevertheless it gives a very good help also in december-january.



 Dimensioning SolarAir

kind of buildingMAIN HOUSE
Full time lived building
part time utilization
(Sheds,Gyms ,etc..)
more than 3mt
m² of panels needeed on m² of building 1m² ⇒ 15m² 1m² ⇒ 20m² 1m² ⇒ 15m² 1m² ⇒ 50m³

 Technical Datas

datas referred to standards versions, mind that custom versions are available too.

dimensioni pannello solare aria calda

Version MeausuresSolarAir
Gross dimensions 6000X1010x70 5000X1010x70 4000X1010x70 2400X1010x70
collector dimensions 5,87m² 4,87m² 3,85m² 2,31m²
weight 43Kg 35,5kg 28,4kg 17,04kg
Power Peak 4920W 4100W 3282W 1940W
air flow 360m³/h 305m³/h 210m³/h 105m³/h
immission temperature 25~60°C 25~55°C 25~50°C 25~45°C
air tube diameter 140mm 140mm 140mm 140mm
surface dimensions heated* 80-100mq 65-90mq 50-70mq 25-35mq
 ducted Yes Yes Yes NO  


Collector Efficiency

resa solare ad aria

Solar air collectors have a particularly high efficiency especially on low irradiation situations, because of compared than water solar collectors, they need a lower starting temperature in order to being able to produce useful heat.

Better than that, the SolarAir panel produces "ready to use calories", so you get wat it produces, no dispersions deploying heat

E cosa ancora più importante, il pannello Solarair produce calorie "finite", ovvero non è suscettibile di alcuna perdita dovuta a scambi termici o dispersioni,

The grafic above is referred to a panel which uses fresh air from the outside, in case of places with temperature normally under -10°C we reccomend to use the air recycling version.




Possible Configurations

sair configurations


SolarAir is built up in order to making possible to connect more collectors in order to have a bigger irradiation surface and only one immission point.

The power of the motorization gets studied and balanced for the best performance depending on situation.

those future make SolarAir  an incredibly versatile solutions for all facades and walls.

For further information   download technical manual(ITALIAN)






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