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Solareva collector


SolarEva is a thermal solar collector optimized for being installed vertically on fences, walls and balconies

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The specific choice of materials makes it expecially shock resistent, in order to install it on any location.

It is a panel specifically designed for great performances in wintertime and cold weather, it can work at 50°C during colder months so it is the best choice for not only for hot water production, but also fo heating integration.

The reason why this panel results so performing is that it is anti-freeze-liquid-free. the most of solar collectors do use anti freeze liquid bercause if they freeze, they broke; SolarEva is simply capable of freezing without suffering.

Because of that, you don't need any heat exchanger, and the collector may work directly with the warm water or the heating system liquid.

The advantage of this sistem is that the panel works directly plugged and sharing the same liquid of the heating systems, this allows better performances expecially with poor sun conditions.

SolarEva it is also the only system that leterally shuts down the boyler and works on his behalf.




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