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Solarair, the hot air solar panel

If you own a radiators or air heating sytem, SolarAir is what you need for sure.

actually those kind of heating systems are the most consuming at all, as they need extremely hot water in order to heat your house, for mantaining the air in your house at 20°C they need water at 70-80°C.

This water goes through plumbings to heating radiators that heat the air that heat the house.

Every step in this chain generates dispersions, and lower the efficency of the entire system.

But just ask yourself what do you actually need; the hot water inside the plumbings or the hot air inside the house?

In order to answer smartly to this question, we developed the Solar Air system.

SolarAir produces directly hot air from 30°C to 60°C and push it in the house, without needing all those passages that cause dispersions.

During Daytime the solar panel inflows massive hot air quantities, wich warms the walls and using the entire house mass as an heat accumulator.

This way it makes you save up to the 50% of heating bills.

the video below explain the functioning (still in italian, but images are quite self explenatory)

Another important feauture of solarAir panels is that it doesn't merely make you save money, but it also saves your health.

Because of the fact that the panel does not recycle the air of the house, but inflows continuously fresh air from the outside, changing the polluted inside air with clean one taken from outside.

In the end, solarAir  does not need any connection, both electrical nor idraulic, it needs electricity in order to work, but instead of consuming yours it produces by itself the amount it needs in order to work by a small photovoltaic panel integrated in the main thermal collector.





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